Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eight Years and Still Counting!

Today is a special day. My husband, John, and I are celebrating our eight-year wedding anniversary. I keep thinking back to that day. I'm normally a control freak who worries that things won't turn out the way I had planned. For some reason, on our wedding day, I woke up happy, excited and eager to start my life with my soul mate.One of my bridesmaid told me I was the most calm bride she had ever seen. That's because I knew that by the end of the day, I would be married, and that is what really mattered the most. After all the wedding hoopla is over, the music will stop playing, the cake will be devoured and the wedding flowers will eventually wilt away, but we will still be married.

Here we are eight years later, still married. The wedding is now a myriad of memories, some of which were lucky enough to be captured in photos, and some that only live on in our thoughts. It was a wonderful day, but it is still a wonderful life together.

Happy Anniversary, Budgie. I love you.

If you want to see more information about this card, feel free to hop on over to the ScrapStreet Magazine Blog, where I proudly got to write my first blog post for them!

1 comment :

Jocelyn Olson said...

Happy anniversary, Annette!! I love how you made this card...did you use your Silhouette? It's very clever!


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