Saturday, June 23, 2018

Stamping For Families Blog Hop

When I was an active card blogger, it usually took me much longer to make the card than to write the post. That's because I'm a writer by trade. Writing comes easy to me most days. Today is NOT one of them.

Today, I am writing about a topic that is sensitive. It's a topic that we've all been hearing about in the news over the last couple of weeks. Some consider this topic political. Some consider it religious. And some consider it moral. I consider it just being a decent human being. 

I can't even begin to tell you how upset I've been to live in a country that tears young, innocent children from their parents and puts them in "camps" where they have no family, no friends and no love. 

Please don't engage in a debate about the "zero tolerance" policy because that is not the purpose of this post. My blog is not a forum for political, religious or moral deliberations. My blog is a place where I share cards I make to uplift people. To show compassion and kindness. Simply put, it's a place to show love.

So today, I'm sharing a card I made for the Stamping for Families blog hop. I want these children to know they are loved. Yes, I am fully aware that they will probably never read this post, but someone out there will read it and hopefully be inspired by it, and maybe - just maybe - they will express their love. And maybe - just maybe - enough of us will be inspired to share our compassion, kindness and love for others. And then maybe - just maybe - someone who really needs to feel loved will actually feel loved. 

Today's card features hearts stamped in a circle. The hearts are all of the colors in the rainbow to represent every person of every color, race, religion, etc. because EVERYONE deserves to be loved.

Please join the hop and visit my friends' blogs. If you feel like it, give them a little love. 


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